Multi-Author Link Microblog Example

Say you and some of your colleagues have an ongoing interest in resisting oppression. You read a fair amount of related material, and now you would like to share your selected recommendations with a wider audience. Your goal is to socially share new links as you find them, while maintaining a top recommendations page for reference. Here’s how:

Start Tracking

The first step is for you and your colleauges to start recording the links you would recommend. Set up an account on, then write a membic whenever you find something memorable. You’ll notice that creating a membic is slightly more involved than traditional social sharing. That’s because you are creating a log. Your impressions are important.

That’s worth saying again. Your impressions are important. It’s your judgement and expertise that transform a list of links into a compelling curated archive. The extra effort might seem like a hassle at first, but you are building value. You might find the additional detail also improves your social media posts. More on that below.

Put It On Your Site

Once you’ve created your first membic, the next step is to create a membic theme. Each theme is its own collaborative microblog supporting search, filtering, and download in a variety of formats. As a theme founder, you control who you want as members, moderators or co-founders.

Embedding a membic theme into your own site is straightforward. If you can embed a video, you can embed a membic theme.

If your hosting provider does not allow embedded content, you can still include your latest updates if they support RSS. Your theme’s RSS feed can also be used by news trackers and blog readers to let people know whenever you post something new.

Connect It To Social Media

The easiest way to share membics on social media is to click one of the handy share buttons after you save it.

If you want automatic social sharing, you can use a social media management tool (I like Hootsuite) to connect your theme’s RSS feed to your social media accounts. For safety, membic will queue things up to avoid overwhelming anyone.


After you’re set up, anytime you or your colleagues post a new membic to your theme, it will be forwarded to social media, reflected on your site, tracked by news readers, and added to your searchable reference archive.

To try it out, or for more information, sign up for a free account at

Multi-Author Link Microblog Example

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