Feed Your Blog

Showing what you’ve been reading recently is a great way to add interest to your blog. By displaying links to other memorable articles you’ve read, you add breadth and perspective to your own writing. Here’s how to bling your blog using the feed from your membic profile or theme.

Simple WordPress Feed

With even just the most basic WordPress.com blog, you can add your recent membics to a sidebar on your page. Here’s how:

  1. In WordPress, choose Appearance | Customize. Then select Widgets, Add a Widget, and choose RSS (Entries from any RSS or Atom feed).
  2. On your membic profile or theme, click the share icon, then right click the RSS icon to copy the feed link.
  3. Paste your copied feed link into the WordPress widget RSS feed URL.

Done. Now anytime you write a new membic, the sidebar for your blog will automatically display it.

Blogger and Other Platforms

On Blogger, the setup is very similar to WordPress except you are adding a Feed “gadget” rather than a “widget”. As above, go to your membic profile or theme, click the share icon, then right click on the RSS feed link to copy it. Detailed instructions on wikiHow

RSS feeds are standard blog additions. If you are on another blog platform, just search for how to add a feed.

Website Blogs

If your blog is integrated into your website, you may want to check out Adding a Reading Page to Your Site as an alternate approach, depending on where and how you want to present what you’ve been reading.

Your site platform may have feed capabilities that go beyond the basic functionality described here.

Multiple Feeds

To include only a subset of all your profile membics in your blog feed, create a membic theme. In your blog feed setup, use the RSS feed from your theme instead of from your profile. When you write a membic, you can choose whether it should post through to your theme or just to your profile. Your blog feed will reflect your theme posts.

Feed Formatting

To customize what goes into your feed entries, go to your profile or theme settings, then click the RSS Feed section. There you’ll find instructions on how to customize your feed URL to include specific parts of each membic, or change the display ordering.

The membics you write are one of the most relevant feeds you can add to your blog. Add a feed using the RSS feed from your profile on membic.org.

Feed Your Blog

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