Rebuild and Refocus

Sometimes sites need to be rebuilt. For back in November 2019, a variety of hosting changes meant that all of the user data would have to be moved, and most of the site rewritten. Challenging, but also an opportunity to make improvements. Here’s some of what changed.

Making it easy to create

Every Membic user has their own page with a permalink you can put on your phone home screen, in your bookmarks, and anywhere else you want for easy access. Anytime you come across a memorable link, you can copy it, open your profile, and paste the link in to make a membic. No installs or other technology needed. Works from anywhere with internet.

If you can’t stand to break your browse flow, you can choose to email a link to specifying why it’s memorable in the subject line.

Editing a membic much is easier now. Click the text or the kebab menu to expand and make changes directly.

Making it easy to reference

Just like you can put a link to your profile anywhere, you can put your page content anywhere using the embed link from the page settings. If you can embed a video, you can embed your membics. When your page is displayed inside of another site, the background goes transparent and the membic page header information is hidden leaving only share and search.

Apropos search, if your theme defines keywords, they are now made available as options from the search input area. Search processing is quite a bit more powerful. You can put multiple words in quotes to search for an exact phrase, filter matches through other keywords, and more. I’ll post a full description of that soon.

Making it easy to follow

Membic has always supported webfeeds for theme pages. As more people use feed readers for their news, feeds are now also available for profiles. The feed permalink url for any page is available from the share menu.

You can choose to follow any membic page from the settings menu. Following shows you are interested, and you can select whether you want to stay informed of new membics via feed or by email.

To allow for communication between two people who both want it, followers now have the option of sending a comment about a specific membic back to the person who posted it. Email comments have the email address of the person sending the comment, and are vetted through the new membic forwarding system, which screens out comments from any blocked users. If the membic writer chooses to respond, they email back directly and both people can take it from there.

On your own profile, or any theme you are a founder of, you can now view audience from the share menu. You can block any audience member from contacting you at the theme or profile level. This comment and response feature was added to support Membic users who are looking for an alternative to social media when sharing links.

Independence and respect

As you might have noticed from the support for standard web technologies
like web feeds, email, and independent web sites, Membic continues to itself
be an independent web site. Membic also continues to avoid harvesting
personal information, respecting its users and the value of their informed
selection of which links are important and why. It’s all about the membics.

Comments welcome.

Rebuild and Refocus

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