Mail-In Membics

One of the benefits of being an extremely large and wealthy corporation is you can get other companies to display share buttons linking directly to your site. Since by contrast Membic is a comparatively small independent organization, available options are more limited, but easy sharing is just as important. Unlike books, where it’s easiest to use the interactive auto-complete form, article links come up while you are reading various sources. You need a way to easily capture those links.

One option is just copy and paste the URL, but for some people that breaks their flow. Enter email.


As a tried and true independent communication mechanism, email rocks. It works pretty much everywhere and it’s asynchronous, so you can deal with it when you have time. Perhaps most importantly, it is available from the browser share tab on every phone and tablet. And it can be installed on any computer.

Email is perfect for sharing a link to a small independent site like Membic. Simply mail the link to yourself at to make a new membic for your profile. Here are some examples to illustrate how that works in a few common situations:

Favorite Social Media Site

So you’re browsing through posts on your favorite social media site and come across a potentially interesting article. Here’s your flow:

  1. Click on the article to open it.
  2. If you decide the article is worth remembering, click the share button on your browser and email the link to yourself at
  3. Return to your social media page and share as you normally do.

Say you’re reading a news site and run into a summary or analysis worth remembering:

  1. Click the share button on your browser and email the link to yourself at
  2. Continue reading the news.
Email or Text Message

Someone you trust sends you a link to an article:

  1. Click the link to go to the article.
  2. If you decide the article is worth keeping for reference, click the share button on your browser and email the link to yourself at

Confirming Your Post

When you send a link to yourself at, membic mails you back with a confirmation link so you can can verify the reason why it was memorable and add finishing touches like selecting keywords or themes. If you made a mistake and don’t want to confirm, you can cancel editing and delete the membic, otherwise when you save, your new membic will show up in your profile and all themes you’ve selected.

Computer Browser Setup

Mobile devices generally all have email sharing built into their browsers already, and Safari has share built in on all platforms. If you don’t see an option for sharing via email from your browser menu, you might need to install a service. This happens mostly for full computer browsers. Some known examples:

  • Chrome: Search the web store for an appropriate sharing service to integrate. I chose this one.
  • Firefox: Select Additional Tools and Features off the main browser menu, then add the share button. Alternatively the Email Link action from the File menu also works.

Augmented Memory

To get the benefits of augmented memory, make a membic when you find something worth remembering. Mail-In membics are a quick and easy way. Next time you find something memorable, mail the link to yourself at

Mail-In Membics

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